Tammy’s Big Adventure…

Goal 1: Run (not run/walk, but RUN) a 5k this October. It will be the Race for the Cure. I want to do this to honor my friends who have fought cancer. I also do this because I’m a little afraid of it and want to push myself to be in the best physical shape I can be in at my age.

Goal 2: Participate in a bodybuilding or fitness competition the summer of my 50th year on the planet. I’ve got two years to prepare. LOTS of things to fear about this one. Many obstacles. But I’ve always wanted to do this. I know I can train for it even if a 50 yr old woman doesn’t stand a chance.

This week, I started posting my calorie burn info on Facebook. Today, I decided that might just bore and/or annoy my friends, so I decided to try blogging instead. These goals scare and intimidate me a little. Posting my progress will help me stay focused. Math scared and intimidated me a little, too, and now I teach calculus. Once I set a plan in motion, I usually follow through. This fitness one will be hard. Lots of reasons to fail.

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9 responses to “Tammy’s Big Adventure…

  1. Go Tammy! I believe you can do it! Maybe if I follow your progress I'll be motivated to at least make an effort to stay in shape myself…

  2. Icing on the cake (which I won't eat) if me doing this helps someone else. I have an AWESOME bodybugg coach and it would honor her to pay it forward.

  3. Tammy, I just found your blog and I’m going to start at the beginning. I’ve been working with weights for almost a year now and I’m feeling very inspired by what you are doing. I’m about to turn 50 in June! Thanks a heap for putting this out there.

  4. Yochannah

    I’m reading your FB and reading here; and decided i needed to find the beginning of your blog- because i’m only just beginning my change/journey. You’re proof of something i never believed possible for someone my age. (im 45, obese, and mostly sedentary)
    Where’d you start, after the hospital, when you were over 200, and decided upon your journey?

    • I waited until school was out and then got a Bodybugg. For me, it was the tool I knew I needed but I didn’t want to spend money. The ER visit was so much more expensive that it justified the purchase. I also got online nutrition coaching. For the first year, prior to this blog, I learned how of eat clean and only did cardio. Not lifting was my error. If I had to do it again, I would have gotten training sooner.

      • Yochannah

        Thank you.
        We/ I have ten children; 8 of which are still at home. we have one income.- so i understand the financial thing. I’m not sure what i’ll be able/be allowed to acquire for my journey.
        I’m not waiting on the workouts, and have begun doing some High intensity,short burst, body weight work outs- but lost my treadmill for walking and cardio(i damaged it somehow.) I have also done some High intensity workouts with weight.(max i can lift, lifting it 4- 8 times- and S L O W. zero momentum.) im doing it all without a trainer,- not sure i can fix that- and extremely little support. Reading your FB, and here, is helping.

  5. Laura Lee Morrison

    No sure if you will read this or not… I’ve been searching for someone to inspire me to reach a life-long goal of competing in a bodybuilding competition for over 50…closer to 60. I have weights at home that I have been working with and need to take the next step to the gym. Hesitation and doubt fill me mind and I back off. I found your FB and this Blog and wanted to start at the beginning~with you as my inspiration. Can’t wait to read more about being focus and finishing~Thanks Tammy for your dedication to yourself and this blog!
    Laura Lee Morrison

  6. Liz


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