June 18-Part 1

Yesterday my deficit was 502. Yeah!! (I upload data from the bugg in the morning so get the final number for the day before.)

I ran/walked (mostly walked) 4.86K in my neighborhood. I used the iMapMyRun app on my iPhone to keep track of the distance. It was OK. My back hurt a little and my lungs won’t let me run for much longer than a couple of minutes. It took about 50 minutes.

I only burned 2142 calories yesterday even with the “almost 5k” and some weeding after dinner. I think to hit the 2300 burn goal I need to work out in the morning so I burn more calories all day. Food consumption was much better yesterday. I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things now.

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One response to “June 18-Part 1

  1. Kim

    Tammy I love your blog, it's just raw and honest. I can't wait to read more. Over 500!?!? That rocks…can't wait to see what your new trainer is going to do with that number!


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