June 21

Yesterday was a rest day. Did some cross stitching, which is NOT a good cardio activity. I cut back on calorie intake (i.e. eating) so that I wouldn’t have a surplus – just wanted to break even.

Burn for the day = 1731 calories
Consumed = 1541 calories
Deficit = 190 That’s cool.

Today I had a workout with trainer Nico. Kind of kicked my butt a little bit. I’m learning a lot about the knots and weaknesses I have all over the place. And even though I was doing the exercises slowly, he had me moving from one to the next with hardly any breaks. I did about 15 min of max level walking on the treadmill before we started so my heart rate was already up. Made the whole session cardio. There is this one thing he had me do called “the plank” which is HARD. Hard, hard, hard. Good for me, I’m sure, but HARD.

After the gym, I went to work in my classroom. I had to move textbooks across the building to the book room. I decided to use a smaller cart so I’d have to make more trips. Sneaky, huh? I really tricked myself on that one!

Food today is going well. Mostly clean except for that Lean Cuisine I had for lunch. It was the last one in my frig at work. Sun-dried tomato pesto chicken. Yum. And if not clean, certainly not the worst thing I could have had for lunch. Lots of berries today. Two cups so far. Strawberries and blueberries.

Bugg tells me that if I sit the rest of the day, I’ll burn 2200 calories. Since I probably won’t sit the rest of the day, I should be good for the 2300 goal. I don’t think I’ll need another workout, but I might change my mind and take Peanut for a walk – after a little nap. 🙂

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