June 26 – Hula Hoop!

Today was the first of what I call “Patio Workouts”. Don’t need to go the gym everyday. I did the stability ball exercises with dumbbells that Nico had me doing at the gym earlier this week. And I did a cool down with a fitness hula hoop I got a few years ago. It was fun and decent cardio. I was only able to do it for 11 minutes – not being used to it my middle felt like it was getting bruised. But I was burning 5 calories a minute during that time – about the same as at the beginning of a brisk walk.

The dogs tried to spot me, but they weren’t that helpful.

Yesterday was a “rest” day, but I still did OK with the stats:
Burn = 2159
Deficit = 429
“Rest” means I didn’t do a workout, but I was active most of the day finishing up in my classroom. Boxes were hauled and furniture was moved.

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