July 10

Struggling a little bit this week. Right hip and low back HURTS. I’m not stretching enough and it is starting to be a problem.

I know that to lose a pound of fat a week, I’m supposed to burn at least 500 calories more than I eat every day. I’m having trouble doing that everyday. I will have a few more good days each week than bad days, but if the average for the whole week isn’t 500, the fat won’t get burned. I have a couple of theories about why this is so difficult for me…
1) I’m not working so food is handy.
2) I’m working out with weights 3 times a week – I think that is doing something to my appetite.
3) Sleep is always an issue. Paul is doing all of the night-time puppy duty, so that’s not the problem. I stay up too late and get up too early.
I’m not eating junk – or not very much junk. Just a too much good stuff.
This was all so much easier last year when I was 40 pounds heavier. Now losing the last 15 is a lot different. Honestly, I really don’t know what my ideal weight really is. I’m more concerned with body fat percentage. It is still too high.
Good news! My new running shoes were ordered online and have been shipped. Should be here in the next few weeks. Once they are here, the 5k training will pick up!
More good news! I have to go to a conference for a week later this month and the hotel has a fitness room open 24 hours!!! I’m going with a group of people and I’ll probably be a complete buzz killer counting calories and working out.

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  1. I'm not an expert at this, but doesn't the weight come off faster when you have more to lose? So, it makes sense to me that as you get closer to your goal now that the weight loss should slow down. I'm not a regular viewer of The Biggest Loser, but I know they lose lots at first, but then towards the end, they tend to lose less, and even sometimes some weeks they don't even lose anything, in spite of all the work they put in. So maybe this is normal and you should just keep on keepin' on and ignore the little setbacks. I'm just amazed that you can keep your enthusiasm going for this adventure all on your own! I have my own health issues that I have to deal with and my dr. is suggesting a yoga class once I am finished with physical therapy. I don't have access to a class, but I have a Wii Fit Plus, so I can do it with that, but I wonder if I can motivate myself to do that on my own. So you inspire me!


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