July 15 – It’s Working!!

This isn’t me… yet. This is Tosca Reno, my inspiration. She started her program when when she was in her 40’s. She’s 50 now and still going strong. Two years from now, I’ll look like this, I hope.

Three weeks on the new training program and my weight and body fat were checked today. It was at the same time of day that it was measured on June 26.

Weight on June 26 = 156.4 pounds; weight on July 15 = 155 pounds (weight measured at home in the morning)

Total weight lost = 1.4 pounds… but wait… read further…
Body fat changed from 35% to 31%
Total fat lost = 6.7 pounds
Total lean body mass gained = 5.3 pounds

I’m psyched!!! Today, my trainer says something like “Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you? My clients lose body fat fast. I’m good at that.” No kidding.

Posture and core strength is improving. I swear this guy is finding muscles to work on that I didn’t know I had. I’m tired and I’m sore, but I’m psyched.

The workouts are great, but I’ve also tightened up the the calorie consumption. Most of the food I eat is “clean” – no chemicals or preservatives. I’ve had some days that weren’t so great, but the last week or so, the deficits have been pretty big – between 500 and 700 calories.

For some reason, the body bugg program says I lost 11.3 pounds of fat. I’m not sure how they came up with that number. My math says 6.7 pounds*. Maybe one of my super smart coach/trainer people who read this blog can explain it to me.

* 156.4(.35) – 155(.31) = 6.7

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