Sept 25

The 5K is next Sunday and I had a great week of workouts. At the gym every morning by 5 am. I ran on the treadmill on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Wednesday, I worked out with Trainer Adam. My energy that morning was low, and even though I whined a little bit, I tried to do everything Adam told me to do. I must have done enough because he needed to spot me to finish my sets. I walked on the treadmill on Friday – when I started to jog, I felt a little pop in my left knee. Decided that since I’m a new runner, it was best not to ignore that. I brought my speed down to 3.5 and cranked the incline up to 8. Still an intense workout.

I think Adam is using the Saturday sessions to do more intense stuff. Makes sense since I get to sleep in a little on Saturday mornings. Today, there was some crazy exercise combining plates and crunches. I couldn’t finish the exercise by myself. Maybe next time. Then there was a bunch of stuff with medicine balls. Loved that. Great outlet to release some work frustrations. We finished with a super set of squats and two low back exercises. But SQUATS!! Finally!!! When I started training with Nico last June, he said I couldn’t do squats until I had more leg strength. My knees wobbled. Today, I only squatted with the bar – no extra weights – but I was excited that Adam let me do it. That means I’m making progress. And no wobbles.
I’ve been questioning my motives for this whole journey. I worry that I’m becoming self-absorbed with my program. I know that most days I’m only motivated to keep endorphins flowing so I won’t feel the menopause-induced depression. But an email and a phone call from a good friend and coach inspired and reminded me of why I’m doing this. I need to prove to myself that I’m not too old to do something bold or too fearful to do something intimidating. As I drove to the gym today, I thought of all the women I know who have had to fight cancer. Most have beat it, but not all. If they can do that – I can do this. I draw strength from them and I thank God for allowing it to flow between us. Mind over matter.
And just in case you are wondering, it was a little tricky to take a picture of my new bicep with my iPhone. But I’m so darn proud of it! Paul says that I paid for it so I shouldn’t be surprised. But he’s a guy and guy’s take biceps for granted. For a middle-aged chick, it’s not bad. Just wait. I still have a nice layer of abdominal fat to lose before I can show you my six-pack. 😉


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2 responses to “Sept 25

  1. I have to tell you, I have 'chicken wing' arms ever since I lost a lot of weight a few years ago. I assumed I would just have to live with it, but seeing what you have accomplished has made me believe I can do something about it – awesome!


  2. Of course you can! Do a few planks. No equipment needed for those and they are effective. Some of the best stuff I've learned from my trainers are things like that. Stuff we used to do in gym class. Oooo – remember those stylin' blue gym outfits??


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