Oct 3 – Race Day!

Woke up with pouring rain. What up with that? It hardly ever rains here. I figure God was cooling things off and cleaning the roads for us. By the time I got out to the race location, it was only cloudy. When the race started, there were very light sprinkles – just enough to be refreshing. The rain came in earnest when the race was over. Yup. Had to be Divine intervention.

Our team had three people. Marilyn, Coleen, and me. Marilyn was amazing. She knew I wanted to run this course and she insisted that Coleen (who is a runner) and I go ahead of her. She walked the 5k with our team sign. Pretty selfless thing to do. After Coleen and I finished, I walked back so I could finish with Marilyn. Again – she’s amazing. So strong.
Athletically, I’m disappointed with my performance. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run the whole thing, but I had hoped to run more than I did. Running outside is a lot harder for me than running in the gym on a treadmill. I didn’t train outside enough. And we started out in the middle of the walking group, so it was hard to find room to run a few times. When we did take off, I couldn’t go far. So even though I finished this race, the “run a 5K” goal was not achieved. It’s still in play.
That being said, I’m also thrilled with the day. There were so many people out there. Everyone in pink. Some teams in great costumes. It was a little emotional – happy, sad, grief, and celebration. I will be doing this again. And I didn’t expect my husband to come out considering the weather. But there he was right on the finish line! He got this great picture of Coleen and I with the finish line banner in the background.


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2 responses to “Oct 3 – Race Day!

  1. PS – I'm the one on the right.


  2. Aw, Tammy, this is awesome, I am so proud of you! Paula would be whoopin' it up for you right now! 😀


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