Progression Pics and Self Definition

June 2009

Heaviest Weight = 198 lbsDecember 2010

Weight = 138 lbs

November 14, 2010
I want abs for Christmas.

December 18, 2010
Getting closer!

“When you consider yourself valuable you will take care of yourself in all ways that are necessary.” –M. Scott Peck

I’ve heard about how women who lose weight sometimes don’t redefine themselves as a smaller person. I had to face it this week when Trainer Adam recognized it and called me on it. After our shoulders workout, he brought me into the basketball court and asked me to do a handstand. Oh hell no. He didn’t back down and convinced me to try it. He said I had to do it just because I was afraid. I was sure I was going to fall on my head. Adam held my feet so I wouldn’t lose balance. I didn’t fall. He said I only had to do it once, so I did it twice.

I think Adam thought the handstand was a shoulder exercise. For me, it was an exercise in facing fear and trust. That led to a conversation about my fear of working on my own when the training sessions are over. He assured me that I’m learning enough and working hard enough during the workouts I do on my own to be able to handle it. I’m thinking “Sure, maybe, maybe not” because I don’t really have anyone in my life besides the trainers who really seem to understand what I’m doing. Others are supportive, but they aren’t there in the gym with me. There, I’m alone. A few minutes later in the locker room I get a text from Adam telling me that my mind is not caught up with the changes in my body. He said I still see myself has the middle-aged, out-of-shape, teacher and not the “bass ass gym rock star” that I’ve become. Wow. That was a powerful text.

So today, I decided to look at the pics you see here. I started this program in June 2009. In June 2010, I started working with trainers. Took the last pictures today. I’ve lost over 37 inches all over – that’s more than a yard of me that is gone. 60 pounds gone. It was good for me to look at these pictures. It is good for me to post them for others to see, too. I will work on owning the “Bad-Ass-Gym-Rock-Star” label.
Every achiever I have ever met says, “My life turned around when I began to believe in me.” — Robert Schuller


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4 responses to “Progression Pics and Self Definition

  1. blever

    Wow 🙂 … thank you for sharing!


  2. Powerful message that we need to hear! Thank you Tammy!


  3. For everyone who reads this, I think it's important to realize exactly how hard both mentally and physically what Tammy does every week in the gym is…

    So, a challenge to all of you over the holidays:

    Get to the gym twice a day, 6 days per week. 1.5 to 2 hours per session. Lift weights and do cardio each day. On your rest day (day 7) do cardio only. Try that for 2 weeks without missing a day. I promise that will keep the Christmas cookies off!!:)

    So, try that. (We'll just forget the strict diet she's on…) I know personally that if I do that kind of training, I am completely beat at the end of the week.

    I never post on people's blogs but I felt that this could help everyone to both improve their own health and to shed some light on what goes into going from 200 pounds and unhealthy to 130-something lbs. and able to work out 3-4 hours per day, 6 days per week, and still be walking at the end of it all.

    Have fun!


  4. Yeah, about that walking thing – not so much today. Great leg workout yesterday.


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