All about Organization

It’s 3:50 am and the first alarm on my phone goes off. Hit snooze. Second alarm goes off at 4:05 before the snooze from the first alarm goes off again. Yup. It takes two alarms for me to get up that early. Many snoozes. So now you know. Even though I love my morning workouts, I don’t bounce out of bed. I’m a zombie that early. There is no way I would be able to organize my food and clothes for two workouts and four meals each day without a plan. Today, I thought I’d describe how I get it done.
The Food
I spend a couple hours every Sunday afternoon cooking 5 breakfasts, 5 second breakfasts (like hobbits), 5 lunches, 5 second lunches, and 10 protein shakes. I keep all the containers I need in a big plastic box so all the bottoms, lids, and shake bottles are separate from the household dishes. I also use a lot of baggies. I’m lucky that I don’t get bored with food I like so these little meals are usually the same. Everything is measured or weighed with a digital kitchen scale. I know exactly what I’m eating and how much I’m eating. All the food for the week is packed and refrigerated. It’s cold enough outside now that I will pack it up and haul it out to the car on Sunday night so I don’t need to deal with it when I’m sleep-walking. When I leave in the morning, the only things I will remember on my own are things I line up by the door the night before and my coffee. I never forget coffee. For anything else I need but can’t leave laying on the floor, like my pre-workout apple and post-workout protein shakes, I write myself a note on a super sticky post-it and put it on my coffee mug. It’s like having amnesia wandering in the dark house at 4 am with no clue. The notes to myself are my clues.
I keep the jar of Monster Pump in the car. Can’t forget anything I keep in the car. I will keep big towels in the car, too. I’ve forgotten a shower towel too many times. So far, I’ve realized I didn’t have the shower towel before I took the shower. 🙂
The Gym Bag
At least once a week, there will be a woman in the locker room having a little meltdown because she forgot something. My system will probably seem anal, but I hate forgetting things. I use baggies to organize my clothes. I used to put all the underwear for the week in one bag, all the socks in another, etc. Bag was too heavy. Changed the plan a bit. I have one baggie for each day that contains a pair of socks, underwear, and the misc stuff I need for one day. I put these baggies together on Sundays. Remember – I’m in a coma in the morning, so the gym bag has to be packed before I go to bed. Change I keep other stuff in the bag and never remove it. A couple plastic bags for my dirty clothes, a bag with lots of headbands, lotion, deodorant, a small cosmetic bag with jewelry, and a phone charger. Yeah – a phone charger for an outlet. If my phone dies at the club, I have no tunes, that would be a drag. On the outside of the bag I have carabiners that I use to attach things. Protein shake, water bottle, gym ID, and car keys. Basically, if it’s attached, I won’t forget it. My makeup and hair stuff is in a separate bag. I don’t need that stuff everyday and it makes the gym bag too heavy. Since everything I need is already in or attached to the bag, when I get home, I take out the dirty stuff, pack tomorrow’s work clothes and the clothes for the second workout tomorrow.
To be honest, I like working out a lot more than I like all the prep work. But I know me. If the bag isn’t prepped, I will forget things and get stressed out. If the food isn’t handy, I will eat crap. The candy in Cindy’s file drawer will be lunch. So I accept it as part of my life now. And my life works so much better this way.

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  1. I found this very interesting. I have had my gym bag ready the night before but I haven't progressed to getting it together in the food area. I'll get with you some time at school to find out more about what exactly you bring. I like the idea of having it all done ahead of time giving you no excuses in the morning.


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