Now I am a bodybuilder.

My physical transformation started 82 weeks ago when I put on the bodybugg for the first time. My psychological transformation started a month ago when Trainer Adam challenged me to start redefining my self-perception. The process continues. A couple weeks ago, I was at Barnes and Noble looking for a book called “Nutrient Timing”. The employee helping me asked if I was a coach. I replied “No, I’m a bodybuilder.” That was the first time I’ve said that and it was a spontaneous reply. I surprised myself – in a good way. When I started this process 82 weeks ago, I wanted to be healthier and leaner. Before that, I weighed almost 200 pounds. I used to lay down each night and have heart palpitations that scared me. I was afraid. I was afraid I’d go to sleep and not wake up. I had high blood pressure and knew I was sick from stress and anxiety. Somewhere along the way, I’ve been fundamentally changed. I’m not just a smaller version of who I used to be. I feel like a different person. I experience bliss everyday. Sometimes, like today, I will cry from the joy I feel during or after a workout. I will cry on the way to or from the gym if I reflect on everything that has happened in the last 82 weeks.
Last February, Coach Kim sent me the Eat Clean Diet materials and everything about how I fed myself started to change. The book I was looking for at B & N (which they didn’t have – I had to order it) became a catalyst for more changes. I made a couple of adjustments in what and when I’m eating. In the last two weeks, my body fat has dropped just enough so that the muscle development is noticeable. In the last week, I’ve received a few unexpected positive comments. And I found out that I dropped two sizes in jeans since November. I mean, seriously? Who drops two jean sizes over the holidays?
My gut feeling is that things are going to be changing quickly now. It’s very exciting. I’m grateful to God for this path, for the courage and energy to follow it, and for the people He sent to help me. I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from my husband. I know his love is not dependent on my jean size. I’m humbled by the encouragement I’ve received from my friends. I hope I can pay forward what I’m learning.


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2 responses to “Now I am a bodybuilder.

  1. I'm so busting-out PROUD of you! It seems like yesterday when you posted about your bodybugg – who knew that little gadget was the beginning of something this big?! 82 weeks? Really? That is true dedication. And yes, your husband is wonderful to be supportive through all of the changes you have gone through.

    Proverbs 3:5-6 – I remember Paula posting this. It is one of my favorites also.


  2. Mary Jane Fitch

    This was a powerful post! The feeling you described is the one I’m looking for! Thank you for your inspiration!


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