I’m sorry I wasn’t braver sooner.

Dear Me,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention and almost killed myself – high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high stress, low self-esteem. (I’m still paying off the ER visit from March 2009.)
I’m sorry I that I let myself think I was too busy to take care of myself.
I’m sorry I procrastinated. I look at this picture and I know that how I felt on the inside was reflected on the outside.
I’m sorry that I thought that taking care of myself was selfish.

I’m sorry I let it get so out of control.
I’m sorry I wasted so many years. What I didn’t realize was that I was probably shortening my life, but definitely spending my time feeling crappy and miserable.
I’m sorry I wasn’t brave enough to save you sooner.
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One response to “I’m sorry I wasn’t braver sooner.

  1. Mrs. White,

    You are such an amazing person. I could honestly say that I never thought you had gone through so much. I thought I had a feeling that you look very familiar, but wasn't too sure and then the thought just slipped away. But regardless, this post shows how you can be inspiring even more than you already are. Even if you don't mean to be. You're the best math teacher anyone could ever have, you've taught me so much in just a year span. Thank you, Mrs. White. For everything. <3 You're truly inspiring, don't ever change and keep doing what you want to do. You'll get to your goal one day! Besides, "better late then never" right? You go, Mrs. White!

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