New Week = Change of Plans

I’m a tired puppy. Two-a-days are on hold now.
And while I still love my workouts when I’m doing them, the daily routine of traveling back and forth, packing food, etc., is wearing me down. I don’t think I’m making progress with this routine anymore. I feel like the SLBM (Stupid Little Back Muscle) is telling me I need more recovery time between workouts. And I’d like to be home more before school starts.
Nutrition Plan: I made a change last week and that will continue this week. With the BodyBugg, I can see the percentages of macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) each day. Last week, I tried to get those percentages as close to equal as possible. It’s been working out to be about 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fats. For months I’ve been timing my protein intake around my workouts, but I never really planned my carb intake. After my increase in body fat last month, one of the other trainers at work, Evan, suggested I read a book titled “Better Than Steroids” because the author explains how to time carb intake through out the day so that the body won’t store carbs as fat and will burn fat for energy. Love that book! So even though I’ve been eating 40% of my calories from carbs over the whole day, I eat most of those carbs in the morning and at lunch. For supper, I eat very low carb green vegetables with protein. No carbs after supper – protein shake before bed. I’ve been keeping about a 200 calorie deficit most of the day, eating up to zero or into a little surplus a couple of times. I think nutrition will be easier to monitor when I’m at home more than at the gym or on the road.
Workout Plan: I’ve been listening to the big boys in the gym and filing away some ideas for a while. So for this week, I’m going to change it up and try a couple things I think might be good to do for a short period of time. One workout a day, but make it a little more intense than I’ve been able to do lately. I’ll do some monster high rep sets for quads and super sets (or maybe even giant sets) for other parts. I’ll hit the gym when it’s not busy to reduce distractions. And I’m going to add in a little low-intensity cardio – just 20 min of easy stair climbing after lifting four or five times this week. Get the oxygen in the blood and get it moving into the muscles I just worked. I’ll still do calves and abs everyday.
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Quads
Wednesday: Chest
Thursday: Back (with deadlifts)
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Hamstrings
Sunday: Arms
Renewal Plan: I’m getting my hair color fixed and trimmed up this week. And maybe a massage. Stretch everyday. Stretch before stretching. I probably should have asked Adam stretch me more, but it hurt a lot the last time he did it so I stopped asking. There is a book about facilitated stretching at the gym. I need to get someone else trained to stretch me. Maybe with just one workout a week, I’ll find time to drop into a yoga class. Or do it at home. I have a yoga DVD around here somewhere…
Maybe I’ll add comments as the week progresses to keep track of how things go. I feel like I’m starting to stall and I’m hoping this change will be a catalyst for some big gains.
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7 responses to “New Week = Change of Plans

  1. Monday – Rest day went well. Good cheat meal, good nap, lots of relaxing, and I added a few carbs to supper for extra energy for tomorrow's quad workout.

  2. Workout #2 today was chest. Started with 100 reps of Smith machine bench presses. They felt great, so I did three more sets with more weight each time. Did supersets with DB press and assisted dips. With the other stuff I did, I ended up with 24 working sets. I should feel that tomorrow.

    Since I'm only doing one workout a day, it takes longer to get everything done (abs, calves everyday), but I'm feeling great. I feel stronger. Joints and tendons feel pretty good. Right hip bothered me a little bit today from yesterday's quad workout.

  3. Back workout today. Dead lifts were AWESOME!!! First set @ 135 lbs was easier than I expected. Added 10 lbs and did two sets at 145. Then that little powerlifter voice in my head said “hey – only 5 more pounds and that's your body weight. Go for it.” I did. And I got 6 reps. Low back was starting to feel a little worn so I didn't push past the 6 reps. I'm learning to listen to the muscles. I'm super pleased. Six weeks or so of 135 lbs and no more and then today it was time.

    And then I did 100 assisted pullups, four supersets of seated lat pulls and pulldowns, and finished with one arm rows. Skipped abs and calves in lieu of a good cardio cool down before I had to work at 5 pm. Wanted to get the blood pumping to those low back muscles ASAP. I will have time tomorrow to make up for today. Lifting is going very well this week. Hope there is growth.

  4. Hi Tammy! I haven't checked in with you in a while. Not that I don't care, but you don't seem to need as much 'cheerleading' as you used to. You are so strong! And I don't mean physically. Your mental strength is amazing – that's what sets you apart from everyone else. But I'm still here, cheering you on! You rock!
    Love you!

  5. Thanks Marie! Raymond said something similar this week, too. Great minds!

  6. Friday's shoulder workout started late – car drama. But once I got started – wow. I felt stronger on shoulders than I ever remember. There was a tiny pinch in the shoulder a couple times during Arnold Presses and the overhead presses, but other that, no shoulder pain. And that wasn't pain anyway. So I went for it! Did the normal shoulder workout, but did 100 reps on the overhead press, leaning lateral raises up to 20 lbs, and I added an extra rear delt exercise that usually hurts too much. Not yesterday! I did four sets on the rear delt fly machine, ended at 90 lbs. For the first time, I felt muscle fatigue instead of being distracted by sharp shoulder pain.

    I'm not taking the lack of pain for granted. I will continue all the rehab stuff. But I have a feeling the delts are going to start catching up with the triceps soon.

  7. Today's hamstring workout was adequate. Since I injured my back doing hamstrings a couple weeks ago, I didn't push it too much, even though the back feels better.

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