And apple a day keeps the blues away?

I’ve read a ton of stuff about clean eating, nutrient timing, proper balance of macronutrients, yada, yada, yada. I’ve been timing my protein intake for months. For the last few weeks, I’ve been timing my carbohydrate intake to play a little trick on my body – make it burn some of the approximately 30 pounds of fat I’m still carrying around. Over the course of the whole day, the percentage of calories I’m eating from carbs is only 10% less than it was last June, but I’m eating very few carbs after 3 pm.

But I screwed up yesterday. I wasn’t able to eat when I needed to eat and I didn’t have enough carbs eaten early enough. So my overall carb intake was too low.
The result? Blue Mood Sunday. Forgot about the carb/serotonin connection. Lots of info online about this, and I used to know it.
Treatment? Cherries*. A good cry. And lifting. Topped off with a little cardio. Feeling normal again.
*Didn’t have an apple, but had lots of cherries that were getting a little too ripe.

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