Starting "15’s" this week.

15 reps per set. Adam had me do this cycle before. It lasts about 4 weeks. I’m not going to say much about it. Just want to log my workouts here this

week. I’ll reflect on rest day.


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2 responses to “Starting "15’s" this week.

  1. Chest Day – all 15 reps unless otherwise indicated. The rests between sets were timed with a stop watch to be 1 min. The rests between exercises were 3-5 minutes.

    Smith Flat Press*: (bar)-95-95-105-105-115(8)
    *at north club and bar felt heavier on this machine, so I'm not sure what I was really lifting
    DB Flat Press: 20-25-25-30-30
    DB Flat Fly: 17.5-20-20-25-25
    Assisted Dips: 100-90-90-80-80

    I noticed triceps more tired during this workout than when I only do 10 reps.


  2. Hamstrings
    RDLs: (bar)-(65)-85-85-95-95-115
    Leg Curl: 45-45-60-60-60
    Cable Glute Ham Raise: 110-100-100
    Single Leg Curl: 30-30-30(failure at 12)

    Low energy today. Worked at the desk from 5:30 am until 2:15 pm. A little lack of sleep combined with 8 hours of standing made me tired for workout. Started Nitrix today – the free jar. Expired in June, so I'm not sure about it. But a $60 supplement for free is worth a try.


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