Teachers report back + Quads = Yukity, yuk, yuk

The school year’s daily routine started today. I think I’m going to like how I’ve organized these workouts. Before work, I’ll do abs, calves, abductors, adductors, and 20 min of low intensity cardio as a cool down. In the afternoons, I’ll work the body part du jour and then do another low intensity cardio cool down. Warm ups and stretching done at the beginning of each workout. I drink my post-workout protein shake during the cool down cardio to push the protein and glucose into the blood stream while it’s movin’ a little quickly. My hope is that the cardio done this way won’t sacrifice muscle mass.

Now about work today. Yuk. One hour of a staff meeting would have been great. Two hours was OK. Three was too long. But how long was it? 8am – 10, 12-2. Four hours. Seemed a lot longer. I can’t sit that long easily anymore. And, as I posted on Facebook, I didn’t become a teacher to sit in long meetings. I know they are part of the gig, but I hate them. Sucks my energy. When I’m teaching, I gather energy from the students.

And it distracted me from my ritual “psyche-up” for a tough quad workout. My focus was off when I arrived at the gym in the afternoon. So I took a little longer to warm up. Played my power songs. Stretched in the aerobics room so I could use the mirrors to take a little inventory of my progress. I get motivated when I see what’s working and what’s still lagging.
Quad workouts are hard. Probably for everybody. Four big muscles and they require some lung capacity to wear them out. And I’m still emotionally attached to Trainer for the quad workout because he kicked my ass – literally – on quads. I didn’t do quads alone very often because he liked to train this body part. It’s really easy to rest too much without the slave driver. So on my own, I timed most of my rests between sets. I had to share the hack squat machine, so my rests weren’t in my control. I didn’t try to do anything overly ambitious with weight amounts, but kept them appropriate for 15 reps to be hard, but possible.
Feeling it already. Must have done OK. 22 working sets, excluding the FST-7. All 15 reps except for the FST-7, which were 10 reps.
FST-7 Leg Ext: 60 x 4 sets with 10 sec rest; 60 x 3 sets with 30 sec rests (60 was too high, but I didn’t want to drop to 45 lbs. Just pushed through.)
Smith Machine Squats: (bar)-95-95-105-105-105
DB Lunges (20 steps): (BW)-15-20-25-30
Leg Press (light sled): (180)-270-270-270-360
Hack Squat (close): 50-70-70
Hack Squat (wide): 70-90-110
Leg Extension: 75-75-75

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