An AWESOME chest workout!!

I’m not sure what kicked in today…the Nitrix? Stress reduction because today’s meetings ended early? Planets aligned? But once I got started, and I was delayed starting because all the gym equipment was busy, it was a great workout for the pectoralis! I felt strong. I either lifted more than I did last week or I lifted the heavier amounts from last week for more sets. I felt a pump stronger than ever before after the assisted dips.

FST-7, Chest Press Machine: 60 lbs x 7 sets, 10 reps each set
15 reps for each set that follows. Timed one minute rest between sets. A few minutes rest between exercises.
Smith Machine Flat Bench Press: 95-105-115-125-125
DB Press (flat): 20-25-30-30-30
DB Flys (flat): 20-20-25-25-25
Assisted Dips: 100-100-110-110-120
Chest Press Machine: 60-75-90-90-90
Total = 25 working sets not including the FST-7

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