Who needs physical therapy when you have YouTube??

Last January, doc said that my right shoulder pain probably was caused by scar tissue from an old repetitive use injury and referred me to physical therapy. I was told to wait for the PT people to call me. They never did. No worries! I’m smart and resourceful. Researched it and found exercises on YouTube to rehab the shoulder. Trainer Adam is smart, too. He modified my shoulder workout so that I could continue to strengthen the deltoids without aggregating the shoulder. It took six months. But I’m almost pain free. It’s still there, and will probably always be an issue, so I will continue with the rehab exercises.

And I think I see growth in the delts. That makes me very happy.
Last week, I felt very strong and added in an exercise Adam took out. It went well. However today, I was tired – Friday of the first week back to work. So I didn’t do it. Stuck to the stuff I knew wouldn’t hurt. The 15 reps brought me to failure several times. Weights didn’t go up from last week. That’s cool. Failure is the goal.
The workout today – all 15 reps:
Smith Overhead Press: (bar)-65-85-85-85-85-85*-75
*form got sloppy, so I dropped the weight for a “do over”
Arnold Presses: 15-20-20-20(14)* – 15
Rear Delt DB Flys: (10) – 15-15-15-15 … worked on keeping form
Leaning Laterals: (10) – 15-15-15-15… could have gone up to 17.5 pounds, but I was at AI – no 17.5 dumbbells there and 20 lbs would have been too heavy today for 15 reps
Rear Delt Machine: 50-50-50-60
DB Shrugs: 45-50-55-60(7)**-55
** grip and crappy straps (someone stole my good ones)

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