Why I Love my Masseuse

I’ve seen Diana twice now. She is a great masseuse. But Diana is also a great therapist for me. We click. The massage was exactly what I needed today for my aches and pains. But the positive reinforcement was EXACTLY what I needed to get my mind back on track. Here is just some of what I heard…

“What’s going on with these quads? It’s only been two weeks and they are so much bigger.”
“Your determination is amazing.”
“You feel like a bodybuilder.”
“Wow. I think you’ve lost fat because I don’t have to use so much pressure.”
“You’re working seven days a week, now right? You deserve this.” (She remembered this after one visit.)
“Barney (one of my gym buddies) came up and asked if I was working on you today. He said ‘Good. She needs this.'”
“If anyone doubts you are making progress, tell them to ask me. I’ve got your back – literally.”
And I laughed a LOT. Very good for my soul.
Yeah. EXACTLY what I needed today. My confidence is back. My determination is back. My resolve is back. Massages are wonderful.

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