I’m cheating.

I’m taking a few shortcuts today. I’ve had one day off since August 22nd. Working everyday is the new “normal”. With two workouts most days, I’ve been a little tired when I get home. I haven’t kept up with chores.
I put myself back on coffee this week. I need my brain. But I didn’t have time to get the coffee maker up to speed, so it’s been Starbucks all week.
I’ve been wearing my own “uniform” to school. Staff shirts and shorts everyday cut down on laundry and makes packing the gym bag easier.
Mondays are my rest day, so I’ll be able to cook my food for the week on Monday afternoons. But I ran out of food to pack for tomorrow and I don’t have much energy for cooking tonight, so I broke down and bought frozen lunches. I may only need one for tomorrow, but a few extra in the freezer will be my back up plan for lunch if I run out of food again. I think they are too small for a normal day, but it will be OK for a rest day like tomorrow.
I asked for next weekend off at the gym. Two days off in a row. (Except for workouts.) I think I’ll cook a bunch of lunches and freeze them. Freezer bags. I need freezer bags.

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