"Kick My Ass" Week, Day #2

Yeah, I cry. So what? But then I lift. I lift as heavy as I can. I’m including sets where I don’t count reps and just burn it out.
Chest workout at American Iron. All incline work.
OK, I got a little carried away with the Smith machine incline bench press. Didn’t have a spotter, so I decided to do more sets with as heavy as I could go. I did eight sets. The last four had these plate loads and reps…
90(4) – 110(4) – 90(8) – 100(6) Not sure why I got it in my head to go up, drop down, and go back up again, but it was fun. And good. And fun. And really, really good. I don’t know if 110 pounds of plates on the Smith machine for incline is a record. I think I did that before with Trainer. Not by myself, though.
Did my usual dumbbell work on an incline. Still protecting the shoulder when it comes to flipping up the heavier weights. I’m increasing the reps and concentrating on using strict form and feeling the muscle working during those reps to compensate for not bumping up the weight into the 40+ pound dumbbell range. My chest can do that weight – my right shoulder doesn’t hurt, but it’s still a little weak putting that weight up.
On the fly machine, I was able to get up to 140 pounds for 8 reps. That’s a record for sure.
Finished the workout with a drop set on the press machine, 120-105-90-75-60-45-30, about 10-12 reps each – just went to failure and then dropped the weight.
Chest already cramping. Who needs implants?

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