"Kick My Ass" Week, Day #3 = Back

Actually, it was supposed to be a light back day. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so I modified the workout to avoid injury. I skipped dead lifts today. I intended to keep the weights light – I was very tired. I was emotionally drained, too.

I started with chest supported rows and kept the weights reasonable. But then, a switch flipped and the weights went up.

Lifting fixes me.

Three personal records today…
1) 70 pounds on the assisted pull up for two sets of 10. That’s up from 110 pounds for most of the summer. (it’s a counter balance – the smaller the weight, the harder it is.

2) Wide grip Lat Pulldown, 130 lbs for 6 reps. I’ve done that weight before on close grip with a spotter. Never wide grip and never alone. Even just a month ago, I was lifting only 90 lbs. I think I did 140 once with Trainer, but I couldn’t handle that weight on my own at all.

3) Close grip Seated Pull, 130 pounds for 6 reps. A month ago, it was 90 pounds.

I LOVE what’s happening. I’m 10 pounds lighter than I was in July and I’m lifting heavier and heavier every week. I know I’m supposed to switch into a cutting phase next week for 3 weeks, but I might postpone it. I can tell from the mirror that I’m getting leaner. I’ve been living with a little stress lately, so I’m going to let my body find it’s equilibrium over the next few days and then get the body fat numbers checked. They are going to be good.

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