"Kick My Ass" Week, Day #4 = Shoulders

I did OK. I tried to up the weights for this workout this week, but it didn’t work. Feeding schedule was messed up today. I waited too long to eat this morning and even had a dizzy spell. Didn’t feel as strong as I should have.

No matter. I was able to lift the same weights from last week and I handled them better. No – wait – I did increase the weight for dumbbell shrugs. 65 pounds. Traps were fine and able to handle more weight. My limit for that exercise is the grip. Even with straps. Maybe I need to get a pair of those hook glove things I’ve seen around.

I also added a couple new things to my workouts this week I haven’t mentioned. For the big exercises, I finish with a drop set going back down the weight I started with on set #1. I’m getting a nice burn, pumping blood into that muscle.

I’m also trying new exercises and adding in a new one occasionally. Today, I did the lateral raise machine. Pretty happy about being able to do it, because I haven’t been able to do this exercise because of my shoulder problem. No issues today with it. Very happy about that.

So maybe it wasn’t really a “kick ass” workout. It was a decent one. And I did an exercise I couldn’t do months ago. For shoulders, that’s just fine.

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  1. And… My friend Kim has agreed to help my nutrition plan. That's perfect. She's the one who taught me everything at the beginning of my journey. She's the one I trust – my first choice – always. Knowing the battles she's fought and won during this time, it humbles me that she's still thinking of me. And there for me when I need her. Wow. Having her run with me during this leg of the race is amazing.


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