My Meal Plan

Every so often, someone asks about my meal plan, so since I worked on it today, I thought I’d type it up and share. I eat every couple of hours and the food is timed to give my body the nutrients it needs to either be ready to workout or recover from a workout. None of the “meals” are very big. I didn’t put amounts, but I measure or weigh everything. If I can, I like to prep all the food for the week at one time in separate containers and then toss them in the freezer. Here is a normal weekday…

Meal 1: Preworkout

  • low carb tortilla
  • half a banana
  • almond butter
  • preworkout shake

Meal 2: Post workout

  • post workout shake
  • 1 egg + 3 egg whites
  • gluten free oatmeal with ground flaxseed, agave nectar, frozen blueberries

Meal 3: Mid morning

  • turkey or chicken
  • brown rice or gluten free pasta
  • frozen green beans
  • a little Russian dressing

Meal 4: Lunch

  • turkey or chicken
  • brown rice or gluten free pasta
  • frozen asparagus stir fry mixed veggies
  • a little Russian dressing

Meal 5: Mid afternoon

  • preworkout shake
  • yogurt or string cheese

Meal 6: Post workout

  • post workout shake

Meal 7: Supper

  • fish with tartar sauce
  • yams or other veggie

Meal 8: Bedtime

  • protein shake
  • low carb tortilla with almond butter


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3 responses to “My Meal Plan

  1. I’m catching up on your posts so I’m sorry if you answered this question already and I didn’t get to it yet. Do you have goals/limits for protein, fat, and carbs each day? Just curious.


    • I’ve done a lot of research on nutrient timing and have experimented with the ratios for the macronutrients. I use a bodybugg and log my food online, so the program breaks it down for me everyday. I think in terms of percentages, not grams. What works for me is 35-40% protein, 40-45% carbs, and 25-30% fat. Varies from day to day. In terms of grams, protein would be around 220-250 g, carbs around 280 g, and fat around 60 g. I have very little saturated fat in my diet. On a normal day, almost half of my calories are consumed before 9 am. I lift in the mornings, so I need the calories and carbs pre and post workout. I have not been able to drop body fat below 20%, so I don’t know if I’ve got things dialed in for that. I know I’m able to build muscle with this plan, though. I’ve been told that I should do a higher percentage of carbs, like 50-60%, but when I tried it, I didn’t like it. Too many calories and I had to give up some of my protein. I didn’t like how that felt at all. From what I’ve read, I’m taking in more protein grams than they say I need. It is a little higher because of my timing of the shakes. I do 4 or 5 a day because I workout twice a day. Always have one before bed, too, so muscles will have some protein for recovery over night.

      Sorry – probably too much info. I’m a nutrition nerd.


  2. Not too much info at all! I love it. Reading lots and trying to formulate a plan. The consistent message is lots and lots of protein for recovery which you are clearly doing. Thanks for sharing!


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