Are you “interested” or “committed”?

Found a reference to this idea on another blog.  When I searched for the source, I couldn’t find it, but  I found this instead.  Just passing it along.  I’d prefer it said “getting healthy” instead of “losing weight”, but I didn’t write it so I’m not changing it.

People who are interested in losing weight:

1. Stick with in until something better comes along
2. Take action only if they “feel like” doing it
3. Need to see results in order to stay motivated
4. Blame people or circumstances for their struggles
5. Easily give up when they face challenges

People who are committed to losing weight:

1. Stick with their plans no matter what
2. Take action whether they feel like doing it or not
3. Assume that if they stay motivated, results will follow
4. Take responsibility for their own actions
5. Keep going in spite of challenges and setbacks

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4 responses to “Are you “interested” or “committed”?

  1. First off, thanks for being the first commenter on my new blog. Secondly, the changes you have made are absolutely AMAZING! Wow. Lastly, your blog is amazing. I appreciate the melding of your physical transformation and your faith in one place! I hope to do the same. I can’t wait to tackle your blog from start to finish.

    • Thank you! It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure. There have been several times I’ve needed to fall back on my faith to keep going, especially this year. I’m getting to be a pro at closing my eyes and taking the next step blind. I hope you enjoy blogging. It’s a nice way to decompress and reflect.

  2. Your transformation is amazing…Keep up the great work. I am new to blogging and hope I can be as inspirational as your blog was tonight some day :0). Keep up the great work on your mind, your body and your blog.

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