Hey Dana Lin Bailey! You Made My Day!

Thank you, DLB!  Blazing new ground and leaving scorched earth.  And thanks to Rob Bailey for sharing your training with all of us.  I know there were a couple other ladies who did this workout today, too.  We were sharing a little on Facebook.  Seems like we all kicked our own butts.

I saw this video yesterday and it inspired me for today’s leg workout.

Here is what I did:

Leg Extensions: 7 sets of 10 reps, 10 second rests.  Started with 60 pounds, increased to 75, then back to 60 when I couldn’t handle 75 anymore.

Leg Press: 180(20 reps)/ 270(15)/ 360(12)/ 450(10)/ 540(10)/ 630(10)/ 720(10 partial reps)

Front Squat: 65(10)/90(6)/110(5) – form correction & started box front squats – 90(6)/90(7)

Barbell Glute Bridge (new exercise for me): 95(10)/95(10)/135(10)


Walking Lunges: Bodyweight 60 reps x 3 sets

Leg Curl: 60(10) x 3 sets

Doesn’t seem like much when I list it like this, but it was a great workout.  Not nearly as intense as DLB’s.  The lunges + curl supersets killed me at the end.  I had to fight hard to get those leg curls done.  It was an awesome way to finish.  For a cool down, I walked on the treadmill slowly for 10 minutes.  When I stepped down off it, that step down felt so much bigger than I remembered it.   I was a little wobbly walking out to the car.

I finished it almost six hours ago and my legs still feel weak and mushy.  Glutes are a little sore already.  Shoulders might be bruised from the front squats.  I’m very happy.

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