The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Not sure what to think about this sport I’m getting into.

The first bodybuilding show I went to was the 2010 Natural Olympia.  The winner of that show was a former unnatural fbb.  I was a little disillusioned by this fact. I wondered how many of the women who are competing and winning “natural” competitions actually built that muscle a long time ago unnaturally.  I know there is a lot of hard work that goes into training and contest prep, but it just seemed unfair to someone like me who is starting from scratch and trying to build up to something, to learn that the physiques I look at for comparison have actually trained to shrink to that size.

I refocused and told myself that it doesn’t matter.  I’m doing this for me and I love it.  It doesn’t matter if I’m competitive.  I just don’t want to look stupid.

The new Women’s Physique division was created last year for the NPC contests. I was very curious to see how this division was going to be judged because it may be where I fit.  The local natural shows are about three times more expensive to do than the NPC contests because competitors have to pay for drug testing and polygraphs. Women’s Physique seemed like the right fit for me in the less-expensive untested shows.  The first pro show with this division was a week ago.  Here are two pics of the winner.  The first one is what she looked like last weekend.  The second is what she looked like in 2001.

OK – so it’s the same game – women who used to use steroids are competing naturally now at smaller, more appealing, sizes.  Not begrudging anyone’s decision to live and train a certain way.  Just trying to figure out how I fit.  I like that the body fat percentage is supposed to be a little higher because I’m very unsure about how low I can get mine naturally.  It may turn out that this is exactly where I fit.  I’ll just be working very hard to get UP to that level of muscle while others are working hard to lose their muscle.

I also watched the video of this woman’s routine at this show.  In my opinion, it wasn’t very good.  I thought her posing was weak and the attitude was sleezy.  When I watch a good posing routine, I get distracted by the muscle development.  I am amazed and inspired.  This one – did nothing for me.  Which is sad.  This woman was competing to be the FIRST pro title holder in this division.  The role model for everyone to follow.  And this is where she decided to set the bar.  (I thought about including it in this blog, but I really don’t like it.  So if you want to see it, look up Desert Muscle Classic 2012 on YouTube.) Please do not assume you are looking at the best bodybuilder on stage that day.  Obviously the judges think you are, but I don’t.  There were at least two others who should have won.  Better physiques, better mandatory poses, and better routines.  It seems that the judging was done a certain way to make a point about something.  The internet blew up with comments after the prejudging results of this show came out. 

This isn’t anything that should matter to me.  It’s like exactly like being an amateur in any sport watching professionals in the same sport.  But I was hoping for inspiration.  I was very disappointed.

So Monday came and I headed back to the gym.  A little confused and deflated.  But I knew as soon as touched the iron, I’d forget about all of that.  Lifting fixes me.  And others reminded me of what I already knew…

I’m doing this for myself.  I’m going to present the best “me” I can when I step on stage.

When I need inspiration, I go back to my age peers – the ladies of the 80’s.  This is when I first learned about female bodybuilding.  Those are the physiques I admired.

Even though this video is from 1992, Sue is one of the 80’s bodybuilders I admire.  Here is one of my favorite routines…

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3 responses to “The Incredible Shrinking Woman

  1. I know exactly how you feel, because I’m trying to figure this all out in my head too.

    I’m totally new to this, and haven’t even decided what I am or where I fit in this yet. I just know I want to do bodybuilding and I want to lift weights, and I want to see what my body can do. I haven’t even thought of competing yet – I’m still at the flabby stage right now, and shedding flab fast.

    I guess, if there’s anywhere I want to be, it’s strong and fit and healthy – as strong as I can be. But I don’t like the whole issue that women bodybuilders still seem to be closely tied in with the “women are for show” issue. There also seems to be a lot of links to the porn industry. I look up photos of women bodybuilders are half of them are porn! Have we women really come such a small distance in our rights, and in the way we are treated in society, that we cannot build our bodies without being treated as sex objects for men? Grrr!

    So I am still, as I say, figuring this out. I don’t know where I’ll end up, but I too am doing this for ME. This is *my* time, *my* hour. I’ve spent my whole life pleasing others – now is my chance to do something that I want to do.

    It’s an interesting journey, this one.

    Thanks for your post.

    • The porn connection bothers me a lot, too. But that’s just an online, “out there” thing for me. The women and men I have met either in person or through Facebook have a lot of integrity. All love the sport and most seem to be a little annoyed with the efforts to sex it up. More than a few are down right ticked off about this “less muscle is good” position of judges.

      PS – You sound so much like me it’s scary. In a good way.

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