Decisions About Posing Suits

I need two posing suits.  One for prejudging and one for the night show.  Plain suits with no rhinestones start at around $80.   With the sparkles, it gets spendy.  Just looked at one for $550.  I found a very plain suit on sale online for $40, so I bought it.  If it ends up fitting ok when I’m leaner, I will use it for the prejudging.  If not, it’s my practice suit that I will use for progress pictures.  Because it was on sale, I really didn’t have a ton of choices for colors.  I went with burgundy because I’ve been told that dark suit colors are best for prejudging.  I suspect that’s because the fake tan spray gets on everything and the prejudging suit is the one you wear the longest.

I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of competitors and their suits.  I’ve decided I like the suit best when you really don’t notice it.  Pretty, but not distracting.  I love Dana Lin Bailey’s suit at the Desert Muscle Classic.

There is no way I can afford a suit like this, but I can get something in a similar color.  I like how the pink/orange combination blends in with her tan so the suit is not distracting.

So, I’ve found this fabric online at a site that makes suits I can afford.  I think it will look good with my blond hair and future fake tan.  (pic for reference) Thoughts?


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2 responses to “Decisions About Posing Suits

  1. you can actually buy the stones online for fairly cheap then stone the suit yourself. Also you can have the suit altered for cheap as well if you find you dont fit the suit come show time. 🙂


  2. Crafty. I like it. Not sure I’ll have the patience to do that.


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