There’s a word for it? (WARNING: This is an R-rated blog.)


sthenolagnia (“sexual arousal from displaying strength or muscles”)

It didn’t take long after a little Facebook interaction in groups with female bodybuilders to learn that there are (usually creepy) men who have fetishes about muscular women.  I was pretty clueless.  What people do privately is their own business, I guess – or at least that’s the politically correct thing to say.  What makes these guys creeps in my book is that they aren’t being private and limiting their interactions with women they know personally.  From what I see (and experienced for about 5 minutes – I no longer accept Facebook friend requests from men I don’t know in real life), they are stalking women on Facebook.  Not just professional bodybuilders, but any woman who is involved with lifting and talks about it on their Facebook page.

Dear Creepazoids (who I can block on Facebook, but can’t block from my blog),

First I need to say… YUK!!   You guys are creepy and I want you to stay away the heck away from my Facebook and my blog.  NO THANK YOU, SIR!!  I don’t find your comments and/or emails to be supportive or encouraging.  The guys at the gym tell me that female muscle fetishes are about something else entirely and that the guys just don’t want to admit it.  I don’t know about that, but just in case any of you are reading this, I wanted to say that to tick you off.  GO AWAY!!  And now that I know you are out there trolling on Facebook pages looking for pics to “like” or pictures on blogs to drool over, I’m not going to put up very many.  I’m conflicted and angry about that, too, since I know there are women like me who are inspired to see transformation pics, but I haven’t developed a tolerance to the creeps.  Yet.  I’ve been told I will, but I don’t know about that.  I’m a modest, conservative, happily married, woman –  middle-aged at that.  SHAME ON YOU!

Was I clear?  Hate to be subtle.  GO AWAY, CREEPAZOIDS!


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6 responses to “There’s a word for it? (WARNING: This is an R-rated blog.)

  1. Like, Like, Like! You go, Tammy!

  2. lol @ creeps! is this real life?

  3. Either I’m lucky, or it’s because I haven’t put up any photos yet, but I haven’t had any problems. Yet.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Horrible creepy guys do annoy me though. I get perved on at the gym a fair bit, and that’s annoying enough, without being creeped at online. I don’t mind it when it’s nice-looking guys half my age (hehe) but when it’s the old guys in their 70s, yeah, it’s a bit weird and notsonice.

    • Your blog photos are enough if they find them. I could just have a thicker skin, but I don’t tolerate bad behavior. I think it’s because I’ve been a teacher for so long. I correct behavior all day long for a living.

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