Cyrus and Sumeet have summed it up pretty well. Very funny!!

Two Beginners Journeys Through Contest Prep

–       You have to pee every 20 minutes.

–       Dreams consist of mountains made of bread and rivers made of chocolate.

–       It’s 70 degrees outside and you are in sweats, a jacket, beanie, and a scarf… and still cold.

–       You have an extensive collection of Crystal Light and Mio

–       You live in sweatpants and/or leggings.

–       You cover everything in hot sauce.

–       You feel like a million bucks the day after your cheat meal.

–       You’re grocery shop cart looks like this…

–       All you want is an extra cup of broccoli, but your limited to 2 cups a day.

–       Dessert consists of a tablespoon of Metamucil and a stick of gum.

–       As soon as you finish your chicken and broccoli, the count down starts for your next mouth watering meal of…chicken and broccoli!

–       The idea of new tupperwear and zip lock baggies…

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