Thank you!!

Sometimes I’m freaked out by this thing I’m planning to do.  My peers are grandmothers now.  Some have survived cancer and heart attacks – some haven’t.  I know some don’t understand why I’m doing this.  They might think I’m having a mid-life crisis.  Maybe.  But I’m happy.  I feel good.  I’m a better wife and a better teacher because I’m happy and I feel good.  I have no idea how long my life be now that I’m 50 and I see people in my age group starting to deal with some scary stuff.  Nothing is guaranteed.  So I remind myself daily of things I’m grateful for…

#1  Thank you God for giving me the internal strength to be disciplined.  And thank you for bringing the people, thoughts, and resources into my life when I needed them the most.  Especially during that period of time when I almost quit.  I knew things weren’t working, but from somewhere a thought kept telling me to just dig in and follow the daily routine.  It was at that time that about a dozen new people came into my life – all supportive, caring, and all offered new and better ideas about how to proceed.  Don’t underestimate how precarious the situation was at the time.  People think I’m unstoppable, but I almost quit back then.  Which leads me to #2 & #3…

#2  Thank you for my husband!  My husband was happy I wanted to lose weight and get healthy.  He wasn’t sure how to support me at first.  There were plenty of times when I headed to the gym when I knew he thought I should be at home.  But over time, I think he realized that this is my passion and I need to do it.  He’s gotten very clever about hiding the candy he likes.  He was uncomfortable with the bodybuilding stuff, but instead of being negative, he educated himself about it through his own passion – photography.

#3  Thank you for my friends!  I rarely feel like I’m doing this alone because of the support I get from them in person and online.  I would encourage anyone who is going to start a life transformation process to do it publicly.  It’s not just about being accountable – which is huge – but it’s also about having support.  People don’t need to do it with you to be supportive.  If all they do is click “like” when you check in at the gym, that works.  That may be all they are able to do at the time, but it’s still good.  And when they post stuff on my Facebook timeline because they thought of me when they read it – that’s just wonderful.  Like the picture above that Christy sent me this morning.  That post was the motivation for this blog.

#4  Thank you for the health!  I’m doing pretty well for a 50-year-old-non-athlete.  No major injuries.  I haven’t been sick in…I don’t know when I was last sick.  A couple of years, maybe?  Even the abscessed tooth wasn’t painful.  (Knocking on wood as I type.)

Not a complete list, but I need to get to the gym.  It’s leg day!!  I wasn’t planning on blogging this morning, but felt the need to give thanks again. So…

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  1. You Were Born To Succeed

    What a great post! And inspiring, as well. Gratitude is powerful.


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