Damn It! I licked the spoon!!

It’s only Wednesday and this week has already been about a month long – in temptations.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week.  So far, I’ve been given…

  • one Rice Krispie Bar
  • two Tootsie Pops, one cherry and one blue raspberry (my favorite)
  • one baggie with the makings for one smore

I ate none of these things.  The Rice Krispie bar went to the kid in 1st period who jumped up and grabbed it when I tossed it out there.  I gave my aide the Tootsie Pops.  And the smore went to the kid in 3rd period who has the highest grade in the class.  I kept the Tootsie Pops in my desk drawer over night.  Couldn’t part with that blue raspberry right away.

This morning, my AP calculus class had their exam.  I always make breakfast for that class before the test.  Today’s menu…

  • makings for breakfast burritos – eggs, bacon, sausage, shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, and tortillas
  • protein pancakes made with cake batter flavored Muscle Milk
  • pancake toppings: maple syrup, blueberry syrup, strawberry pie filling, fresh cut strawberries, whip cream

I did pretty well resisting the urge to nibble on everything except the bacon.  I had five pieces.  It was early this morning and having a little extra protein and fat is OK.  I wasn’t really paying attention and out of habit, I licked the spoon with the pancake batter when I was cleaning up.  It was really, really good.  No wonder my kids loved those pancakes.  I had two more samples before I caught myself.

I don’t feel bad about the extra licks – I don’t feel guilty.  It wasn’t that much.  But it was a little reality check about how tough this is going to get during the next 15 weeks, 3 days, and approximately 2 hours until I get to that post-contest meal.

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One response to “Damn It! I licked the spoon!!

  1. Love reading your blogs when I have time. I’m so proud of your accomplishments, willpower and determination. And I’m looking forward to this summer so I can get some personal training with you at the gym. Love you! Your Hubby, Paul


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