While writing the last post, I got a message from a good friend telling me that she’s dealing with a serious health issue and she’s scared. And she’s the second one this week to send me this message. Two different friends who don’t know each other but who have both been major sources of strength for me. I’ve leaned on them both so much. Now they need to lean on me. It’s my turn to be the rock.

I feel stupid for worrying about what I’m doing with my contest prep. I’m just going to get it done and be grateful for the opportunity to do it.


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2 responses to “Perspective

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friends’ maladies. It really shakes things up and makes you feel fortunate for what you have. And you have A LOT going for you!


    • Only by the grace of God. Life happens when you’re busy making plans – even if you do all the right stuff. But this lifestyle isn’t all about health or looks – it’s a quality of life thing. What scared me when I was heavy was that I was going to die before I LIVED. Grateful for every single day. Happy almost every single moment of every day. Living amazed. This is why I’m so passionate about people doing it. I can’t stand to see the people I care about living any other way.


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