Weird Stuff on Television in Cardio Room

The view from my StairMonster.

The only network television I see is in the cardio room at the gym.  (We switched to Netflix on an AppleTV at home.)  Usually, I’m reading my Kindle and ignore it, but I got distracted today.

On MTV-2, there was some show where men with hairy butts stuck those butts in people’s faces.  Then a segment came on called “Skid Marks”.  I stopped watching that TV.  Yuk.

Dr. Oz was on another television.  I don’t normally watch that show, but when I’ve seen it in the cardio room, it looks pretty good.  But today?  It was weird.  The audience was women in bathing suits.  A very brave bunch of women.

Got distracted by Facebook on my phone…

The next time I paid attention, Dr. Oz told the women (closed captioned in the cardio room) that they could speed up their metabolism by eating a combination of papaya and hard boiled eggs for breakfast and to use Korean hot sauce on other foods.

Cut to commercial – for a plastic surgeon.  Tummy tucks, liposuction, implants…

What the hell??

I’m doing it wrong.  I’ve apparently wasted the last three years dieting and exercising.

Gotta go now – need to get some Korean hot sauce, papayas, and I’ll call a plastic surgeon tomorrow.  Wonder if they will do delt implants?  That’s where I need ’em.  Trying to shrink the ones in front of my pecs.

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5 responses to “Weird Stuff on Television in Cardio Room

  1. There is a shirtless Liam on my TV, I repeat there is a shirtless Liam on my TV.

  2. Haha… I love these miraculous diet tips. My mother in law reads women’s world magazine and my mind is constantly blown as to how I can lose 50 pounds in a month just by adding lemon juice to my water and using the stairs instead of taking the elevator!


    Seriously had me balling out laughing in the last part.

    It’s funny because it’s so true. But, the tragic part is that many Americans buy into that ridiculous nonsense. Partially because some are so desperate that they’ll believe almost anything. It’s tragic and it’s scary.


    • Dr. Oz has had this kind of junk on all week. Drives me nuts. I’m on the StairMonster sweating off the fat watching them make various versions of lemon water.

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