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First things first…

Big “Hi” to my new followers!  I’m pleased to meet you and I’m humbled that you think my little adventure is worth following.

The topic of this post is… I don’t know.  There are FIVE drafts sitting on my dashboard waiting for me to finish a thought.  I can’t.

Do you think it’s the diet?  Might be.  I’m training myself twice a day.  I’ve been training a couple of friends.  I have a weekly massage, I tan, I’ve been doing a bunch of paperwork at home.  Food shopping and prep takes a bunch of time.  Housework.  A few meetings.  And today, I started teaching summer school for the next three weeks – had to do a little lesson planning for that.  I also needed to put my classroom back together after the annual summer “cleaning”.

Maybe I’m just tired.

Well, since we’re all here, I’ll just try to get you up to speed quickly because it’s just about 5 min until my bedtime.  I don’t even remember what I’ve told you already.

  • I got a coach – very excited about that.
  • I’m losing weight – not sure how excited I am about that even though that’s supposed to happen.  I’m worried that I’m losing muscle.  I’m getting a lot of positive comments about looking “leaner”.  I guess that’s good, but you know that whole bodybuilder mind thing…
  • I donated blood over a week ago and that affected my workouts for a couple of days.
  • I’ve been practicing my mandatory poses and quarter turns everyday.  Still trying to put together a routine.  I have a few poses I like, but not enough and I can’t tell if they are good ones for showing off my strengths.  I’m going to start working with someone on that this week.
  • I’m drinking 1.5-2 gallons of distilled water everyday.  No worries.  I’m taking 3 multivitamins and minerals a day.
  • Diet is tighter.  A lot tighter.  However, I’m being a little stubborn about giving up my evening protein shake and Crystal Light.
  • Took a big bag of veggies to a movie.  Learned there is a limit to how much broccoli I can eat.  5 oz was too much.

Did I forget anything?  If you have any questions, that would be helpful.  I’m sure it will be easier for me to answer questions than to try and remember everything I haven’t told you.

6 weeks, 4 days, 13 hours, 54 minutes until prejudging.

(Not freaking out.  Too much.)


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7 responses to “Clogged Blog

  1. Yipes, 5oz of broccoli? You are a much more brave soul than I.


  2. Thanks for the quick update! We were getting worried about you! Good to hear things are going well!


    • Thanks so much for your support! Maybe I’m not writing because I’m in denial about only having 6 weeks left. I actually hold my breath when I say it. I do not know how competitors do this repeatedly. Nerve racking. But this is also the most exciting part, so I need to do a better job documenting it.


  3. Naaah – the blog thing is normal. Relax.

    I’ve been blogging for years, and livejournalling before that, and running a website and various Yahoo groups before *that*, and running a chat group before *that* on a very old website (1996) before that, and the truth is, you go through phases with writing online.

    Sometimes you just can’t get motivated, and it moves into a spiral of “I can’t be bothered with this” with certain bloggy stuff, and a lot of it is to do with how much energy you’re putting into your real life. Which, in your case, sounds like a massive amount.

    At the very least, don’t feel like writing here is something you *have* to do. Do it for yourself, or not at all. People will read something else if you don’t post (I took a while to realise this), and life will go on – it’s your real life and the challenges you face there that matter far more.

    At the moment, put yourself first 100%. You and your loved ones. The blog comes waaaaaaay behind! Just know that we’re all behind you 100% of the way, and however it goes, your readers are here because we’ve been inspired by you and your journey – we’re not here to guilt you into writing.

    And yes, 5 oz (I had to look that up to see how much imperial measurement that was!) is a LOT of broccoli!


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