The post-competition food fantasies of a math teacher/bodybuilder.  (Yeah, I know they are really ‘sectors’ and not triangles)…







































Do you remember geometry?  List the area formulas for a triangle and for a sector in the comments.

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4 responses to “Triangles

  1. Lol at the random twizzlers. Insert slice of Pi joke here.

    • I want Twizzlers. They make triangles. It’ll work. My geometry class today suggested that I make 3 triangles – obtuse, acute, and right – take a picture, and then eat them. Just the 9 Twizzlers necessary.

      Pi works for cheesecake, too, doesn’t it?

  2. I don’t remember much geometry. But my husband, who is a professor at Otago University whose field of expertise is logic programming (so he’s a bit of a maths whizz) posted this lately on his FB account (I don’t know where he got it), and I thought you’d like it:

    • Very cool! I haven’t seen this one before. My students find things like this and send them to me. There is one out there that will write an equation that will graph your name. That’s pretty interesting.

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