Optimism vs. Reality

I struggle with staying on the fence between being optimistic and being realistic each day.  I see the pics.  I see myself in the mirror.  It’s important to be both optimistic and realistic.  Can I be ready??

When I have a student who is struggling and is upset about their grades, I am able to help them reframe the situation, but there are times when I have to help them just accept the reality.  I say something like, but nicer than, “You screwed up and no, you aren’t going to earn the grade you want.”  I know people who can spin poop into gold.  But it’s still poop.  I’m very pragmatic.  So are the people around me being pragmatic or spinning poo until it sounds all nice and shiny?

People who I believe know what they are talking about say that the layer of “softness” I see and am concerned about is mostly water.  The skin on my stomach is getting thinner and more of my “two pack” is visible.  Still waiting for the other 4 to pop up.  Maybe they are right.  At least as far as the limbs and abs are concerned.

But, then there is the butt.  Coach says I need more muscle in the butt.  Agreed – more muscle is a good idea.  Working butt and hamstrings twice a week now.   But there is a layer of fat I need to burn off in the next three weeks.  (I want to be basically want to be done by Aug 20th, so all that’s left is the water reduction.) So I’m sitting on the butt right now, when I should be doing more cardio, but my butt is TIRED.  I worked out twice today, got up and left hubby in bed sleeping.  So right now, it’s time to watch a movie with him.  No, this competition is NOT the most important thing in my life.  Trying to keep it all balanced is quite  trick.

Tomorrow is a”rest” day.  These days, “rest” = laundry, food prep, cardio, and yoga.  Hey butt!  I’m coming for you!

Here is my back after it got worked the other day.  You know it amazes me how small it looks compared to how it felt.  Totally pumped and sore.  It was a great workout.  I thought for sure it was a lot wider and defined than this.


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2 responses to “Optimism vs. Reality

  1. More tan and less water will make a difference! Try not to psyche yourself out too much. Have you been doing some positive visualizations (in your head while resting)? Remember, inner fat girl still thinks she has a voice in this.


    • Perhaps. Inner fat chick may be fighting back. But also think about the sculpture. There is a specific look I want in the glutes and I don’t see it yet. I’ll post pics on the next post.


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