Optimism vs. Reality, The Sequel

Remember when I said that bodybuilding is my “art”?  I have a pretty clear vision of what I want the finished product to look like.

Here is what my glutes look like now…

This is what I want my sculpture to look like…

See that triangular muscle on the left side?  Where the glute inserts into the hamstring?  That’s what I want.  IF I have that, it’s too small and it’s under some stuff.  I want that stuff gone.  I am not expecting to look like I’ve been lifting as long as as this woman, but I’m certain there is more covering up my little butt than water.  (I can also see I need to improve this pose a little bit.  Didn’t like the position of the right leg.)

I think I’m doing well.  Eating well so my workouts have been wonderful.  The weights I’m lifting are increasing and I’m doing lots of reps and sets with those heavier weights.  I’m burning it all off and then some.  For the last few days, I’ve been losing about a 1/2 pound a day.  My weight this morning was 135.2 lbs.  This is the lightest I’ve been in my entire adulthood as far as I can remember.  In April 2011, my lightest weight was 136 and I was about 24% bodyfat.  Not much muscle.  I looked like this (and I didn’t have a clue about posing)…


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3 responses to “Optimism vs. Reality, The Sequel

  1. Time for posing practice!


  2. Such amazing progress! Every post I read, you inspire me more. I often go back to look at your “before” and cannot believe what a short time has done for you! 🙂


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