Live Webcast of My First Bodybuilding Show

Just in case I forget to tell you later when the diet sucks the life out of me, my show will have a live webcast.

Check out their website…

If I place high enough in my division, there will be a point in the show where people can vote for me by text, like American Idol. I would appreciate your support if you are willing to do it. Can you even imagine how surprising it would be for a 50 yr old home-version-biggest-loser to win the first ever people’s choice award at a bodybuilding contest?? What if bloggers swung this thing?? LOL!



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2 responses to “Live Webcast of My First Bodybuilding Show

  1. I will be watching! Now that I’ve been following your blog for awhile I’m totally sucked into the made for tv movie your life has transpired into 🙂


    • TV movie? Never thought of that. Book – yes. That’s been a topic of discussion for a while. Lately, I’ve been leaning towards an online coaching business where I can use my scary teacher skills and get paid more for it.


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