No Shoes for Me!

Countdown = 3 weeks and one day.  <inhale deeply, exhale…breathe, Tammy, breathe>

Today’s planned workouts were shoulders in the morning, arms in the afternoon, abs and calves done whenever I could squeeze them in, one HIIT cardio after the morning lift and one LISS after the afternoon lift.

All done.  Here are the totals…

  • 57 sets of lifting done
  • 78 minutes of some kind of cardio

Shoes?  What’s up about shoes?  I’ve written about the shoes before.  Just a cute way of saying I had a good reality check today.

This morning, a new IFBB figure pro was in the gym working out with her trainer.  She’s very nice, I’ve said “hi” to her  few times, and have noted that while I’m not as conditioned and experienced as she, I am larger.

During the afternoon workout, the gym was fairly empty.  Two bikini and one figure competitor were doing posing practice in the dumb bell area of the gym near the cable machines I was using.  They were in sports bras and bootie shorts so it was a diversion for the boys and research for me.  Looking at all four of our reflections in the mirror I saw something I didn’t expect to see – I look a lot different than them.  More muscle.  It’s hard to feel “big” when weight is dropping and size is dropping.  I’m down to 135 pounds now and a size 6.  Compared to my happy off-season size 12 and 150 pounds, I’m tiny.  So despite my bravado, I’ve been working under the assumption that I would be a small Women’s Physique competitor, but I would be working my hardest to be the best I can be on August 25, 2012.  It has occurred to me that I may look more like a figure competitor and am overreaching a bit for WP.  I’ve been given positive reinforcement and I trust the people who gave it.  But there aren’t any women around me training for the same division.  I see some figure competitors in their clothes and think they are larger than me.

But today I saw “me” in direct comparison to two other divisions.  I’m pleased.  Three weeks out, and I’m very happy with where I’m at.  No need to buy shoes.

There is a lot to do – presentation is crucial.  So, I’m going to quit writing, drink a protein shake, and get my butt out to the studio to rehearse the routine.  Honestly, after 57 sets, I’m not sure how much hard flexing I will be able to do tonight.  However tomorrow is a cardio/rest day and I will be able to have a robust posing practice – correction – PRACTICES!!


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5 responses to “No Shoes for Me!

  1. Get shoes anyway – the highest you’re comfortable. I’m 5’11” and I certainly would. The taller you are, the leaner and more impresive you’ll look. Definitely a worthwhile investment I reckon. But only go as high as you can comfortably pose in – for me, that’d be about 4 inches, although I regularly wear shoes with 6 inch heels. You don’t want to risk tripping or falling – now that’s NOT a good look!


  2. ooooh….cute shoes!


    • Ugh. My friends are such girls. There won’t be shoes, so everyone forget the pretty shoes. I did buy a rhinestone bracelet and new eye shadow today. Minimal bling. NO nails. I’m drawing the line there. Fake face, padded bra (have to – already too small for new suits), fake tan – that’s it..If I get dinged for not having fake nails, well that means the judging is flawed. They should be looking at muscles. Real muscles. Not fake stuff.


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