12 days out

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Today, I started to use an app called “Gym Buddy” for my iPhone. Easy to use. It has a bunch of exercises preloaded, but none of the ones I was going to do today. New exercises were easy to input and I did it between sets. Tracks some interesting data. The screen shot above shows part of my workout today.

Well, there were two workouts, actually. I did glute/hamstrings first, ate a meal and rested on the big couch at the gym, then did chest. From the time I arrived at the gym until I left was a little over 4 hours. Not my normal routine, but I really want to get to bed early tonight, which means posing practice has to happen earlier, which means the second workout had to happen sooner than 4 pm.

Why early to bed? Other than the obvious reason of needing more sleep, I want to start getting up earlier. I need more time between workouts to do some things at home that have to happen this coming week. This is the last week of “summer vacation” for this teacher. Really? Yeah, stuff. I have stuff to do.


Deprive – verb (used with object), -prived, -priv·ing.

to remove or withhold something from the enjoyment or possession of (a person or persons): to deprive a man of life; to deprive a baby of candy.

Had an interesting conversation with a figure competitor yesterday at the gym. Reminded me of an issue those of us who choose this lifestyle, or anyone who makes a health transformation, need to deal with – pressure from others to eat or drink stuff we don’t want to eat or drink anymore. If you know a smoker, and you aren’t a smoker, do they get put off if you don’t light up with them? No, of course not. But people aren’t so tolerant about passing up food. Food for all of us is nourishment, sometimes comfort, and always a source of pleasure. But for a person in training, or in the process of a transformation, food is fuel. Not that it can’t be tasty and pleasurable, but it’s primarily fuel. My energy, my growth, my mood, are all connected to that fuel.

From the outside, it may seem like I’ve deprived myself of something. But the reality is that I’m not deprived of anything important. I’ve made trades. Instead of eating things for short term pleasure on a whim, I lift for pleasure. I push myself to do things I’ve never done before – physically and psychologically. I’m experiencing joy and gratitude every single day. Life isn’t perfect, but I am happier now than I’ve ever been in my entire life. So no, I don’t need cake, or bacon, or chocolate to fill that spot. It’s already full. Sure, I’ll add back some of my favorite things (like coffee creamer) when the show is over, but I have no intentions of going back to how I used to live just because this show will have come and gone. I will rest a little bit and I won’t workout like I am now, but I will workout. I’m still daydreaming about that Madcow 5 x 5. There is another show on November 3rd. Life has things that need attention, so making a decision about that show will have to wait.


I ordered my first can of Bikini Bite today. Preparation H for sagging skin and now spray glue for my suits. All rites of passage. I know there are many more coming up in the next 12 days.


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3 responses to “12 days out

  1. I really think you hit the nail on the head about people being food pushers. I don’t know why everyone wants to make it their personal agenda to oversee what the people around them eat – its like it makes them feel better about their crappy food choices.
    If I have a cheat meal I make sure there are people present or I take pictures and put them on Facebook lol – I think if people see me eating junk food then they stay off my nuts when I’m abstaining from it.


    • Oh that’s a great idea! Let’s just put up fake pictures of crap food. Not sure my pictures of bok choy, kale, and spinach stir fry is making any converts. Which means I’m also a food pusher. But MY food is better for you. Basically, everyone should do what I say and we’ll all get along better. 😉


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