11 days out…

4 am: alarm goes off. Back to work next week and it’s also peak week. Anticipating peak WEAK so I’m going to get a running start. I want lessons planned this week. So workout#1 is back at “normal” time. Arrived at gym a little after 5. Not rushing Need a long warmup with lots of stretching. Angry erector muscle. Big confidence builder coming in today with my regular gym buddies. I haven’t seen them for a month or longer. Based in their comments, it’s obvious there have been positive changes.

8:30 am: finishing first cardio after workout #1. There are a few songs on my iPhone that I used to listen to when I started – way back – 200 pound me listened to those songs. When I hear them now, I tear up. Back then, I thought I could do this, but it was so hard. Those songs moved my feet. Lyrics inspired me.

Who I am now was only an idea then. Odds are, based on how most people give up too soon, I’d be a failure, too. Took a year to lose a little weight and get brave enough to work with a trainer. First trainer was encouraging, but he probably didn’t believe. How could he? Middle aged overweight woman talking about being a bodybuilder – a life soo disciplined when discipline was clearly not my history with food and exercise. Second trainer taught me a lot, but he was jaded. Definitely didn’t believe and didn’t really care. Just a job and I was just another client. And then the Universe rallied and sent me all of the support I would need to finish.

You are all part of this. Thank you for hanging with me over this long process or for joining me now to push me to this first finish line.

That’s good enough for today. That’s really all that needs to be said.

Love this pic. Don’t think I have haters, but I definitely have something to prove to a few people. Support is important, but it’s not doing the work for you. No one, NO ONE, guarantees my success but me.



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7 responses to “11 days out…

  1. I’m so glad you are having so many inspirational moments as of late – I’m sure it is helping you get through crazy time! Thanks for keeping us all updated – I am so excited for the next two weeks!!


    • I was a mess. Crying on the treadmill during cooldown. Had a hat on and hood up, so I hope it looked like sweat.


      • Well don’t be sad, you’re allowed to be a mess right now because you’re probably exhausted/stressed/nervous.
        All I can suggest is that your coach knows way more than some little Internet twits who try to cram months of work into 6 weeks. Keep calm and carry on 🙂


        • Aw- so sweet! I am all those things, but I wasn’t sad. I was moved. I was doing the blog on my phone. When I wrote the part about new me being just an idea, I lost it. And I was just finishing cardio after a great back workout that took too long to finish because I was getting interrupted a lot by gym buddies offering encouragement. While I imagined this outcome, I never had a clue about all the support I’d receive.


  2. Probably posted this one too early in the day. I’ll make comments…checked in with coach this morning at gym. He said I’m making good progress and there is no reason to start doing anything “aggressive” (his term) with the prep until this Friday. 8 days out. You have no idea how weird that is to hear. I’m surrounded by competitors, in person and online cycling carbs, drinking nasty crap, doing tons of cardio, and I’m just chugging along doing my thing. But then again, I started this cut 6 months ago. The young-in’s think they only need 6 weeks to prep. That’s why they are in a hurry. We’ll see, huh? Proof that Coach knows what he’s doing will be when I’m on stage. The whole world will see. (Just between us, I think there will be an issue with the lower abs and butt. There’s more there than just water.)


  3. projectwhitespace

    Good stuff here. Glad you kept on. Interesting about your trainers. I hope to be one someday and i need to always remember to believe and never become jaded.


    • Thanks! I know many trainers and most are doing it because they want to help people. I encourage you to get the certification if you are thinking about it. I got mine last April. Not sure how I’m going to use it since I’m still teaching high school math, but I’ve been working with a few friends. And I did learn a lot!


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