13 hours…

Made the hour drive to the lovely Montbleu Hotel Casino this afternoon. Checked into the hotel, dropped off bags, and headed down to my tanning appointment.

Wow. There were eight “Tiki Tents” set up. Four for men, four for women. I went in, stripped, and stood there naked for what seemed like 30 min waiting for my turn. There was one woman spraying four I got two coats sprayed on. Apparently, I did not dry as quickly as I was supposed to. I had to stand there even longer, turning slowly while a fan blew one. I was freezing by the time they let me go.


A few more pics from my check-in adventure…


The main check-in table


These are the NPC folks. National Physique Committee is the organization that sanctioned this event. A competitor must be an NPC member to compete. I had a very pleasant conversation with them. The lady on the end, Jana, I’ve met before. She met with me when I was first learning the poses last spring. She is also a judge tomorrow.

Ok, my friends. I need to sleep. It’s kind of a big day tomorrow.


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3 responses to “13 hours…

  1. Tammy-
    I’m so excited for you and you should feel so proud to have made it this far!
    Best of luck to you today and you know we will need to see the fancy pictures of Turquoise Sparkle! 🙂
    You’ll do great!


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