24 hours…

7 am – 7:30: practiced routine at 24 Hr Fitness on north side of town. They have the best cardio room for it. Best light and room is in a corner. People can be Peeping Tom’s from the treadmills and I can ignore them. At the other space, the creepers have to stand in the windows to the gym – and they do. And I know them because I used to work there.

7:45-8:30: wander in WallyWorld. Needed ice and a jug to carry it in. That’s my water today. Ice cubes when I can’t stand it. Also forgot my Nutella and dried fruit at home. Bought more of that. I did NOT buy a watermelon. Took a picture of it.


8:45-9:15: foam rolling and eating at Iron, my home gym. Carb reload continues, but today, Nutella, dried bananas, and dried cherries were added.


Downed this without water. Easy.

9:30-now: at salon getting hair done. Nicole learned a new technique for bringing up the natural curls that looks really cool. It’s exactly what I want – my wild hair doing its thing. No pics yet. I’m under the dryer now. That is the only reason I have time to write.

After I leave here, I’m heading over to Target to look for a cute, comfy sundress to throw on after the show tomorrow.

Then home. Need to pack and get on the road this afternoon. I want to check into the hotel around 4 so I will have time to settle in and shower again before the spray tan at 5:30. There is no deodorant or showers again until after the show. If this water cut is working, that probably won’t be a problem. 125 competitors – no showers or deodorant for any of us! LOL!


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3 responses to “24 hours…

  1. One Fit Mama

    Sooo exciting! Good Luck!


  2. All the best to you! I’ve been a loyal reader since last October and have just loved reading about your journey. I just said a prayer that your nerves are calm, your routine goes well, you remember to smile, and you have loads of fun!
    I can barely wait for the post afterwards!


  3. Yess! The fun parts! Girlie stuff and Pre-stage excitement! You go!


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