My friend, Dawn, writes about her experience at my show yesterday. Thank you, Dawn!!

The EnLightened Journey

This is a delayed post from yesterday.

I cannot remember when we first met. It has been well over a year. We actually knew about each other before we were introduced. You see, we were both involved with the same man. Now, before you leap to any conclusions, it wasn’t what you are thinking. We shared the same trainer at our gym.

My friend Tammy and I followed a similar path…at first that is. We worked hard, ate right, and relied on our bodybuggs to keep track of things while we lost large amounts of weight. For a while, we shared similar dreams. While Tammy identified her dream sooner, we eventually merged paths. Her dream – to compete as a bodybuilder. Mine, to compete in figure class. There are very big differences. Among them , bodybuilders have a lot more muscle and compete barefoot. Muscle development and symmetry are key. For…

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