Day of Contest Food – Surprisingly Yummy

I apologize for the low quality pics. The lighting in the hotel’s cafe was not good.

Day before show – carb reload with dried bananas, dried cherries, Nutella, and rice cakes.

6:30 am (3.5 hours before prejudging): Short stack of buttermilk pancakes with butter and syrup, side of bacon. No liquids. Just ice cubes.

2:30 pm, Lunch: hamburger with bacon, white bread, french fries. And I had to suck on a whole lemon. Coach wanted me to dry out a little more. I poured sugar on the lemon wedges. Again, no liquids except the lemon juice. Just ice cubes.

What I really wanted was a glass of water.

Approximately 8:30 pm, after I was done…

After I was done, late supper with hubby at the American Grill in Harrah’s Casino, South Lake Tahoe. Triple decker grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes, coleslaw, and cheesecake with strawberries. (I saved half of the cheesecake to eat the next morning while using the in-room Jacuzzi.

Morning after show – breakfast buffet. After this plate, I had a small creme puff with another side of bacon.



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10 responses to “Day of Contest Food – Surprisingly Yummy

  1. Que

    Nice but wow no water all day, ouch.


  2. Ahh looks like your sh*tloading, Nice! Time to dry out. I might have to try the liquid restriction one day to see how it is.


  3. Finally – you get to participate in some well deserved food porn!


    • LOL! “Porn” is what I did before – looked only. “Orgy” describes what I did after for a couple of days. Back on my plan now, with a little cheating here and there. Got to be careful not to wreck my metabolism.


      • Yeah, I couldn’t imagine how just plain exhausted and confused your body probably was this week. I’m sure it was worth it in so many ways but now you can have a little time to yourself to “recover”. Are you definitely still thinking about competing again in November?


        • Definitely NOT competing in November. At least that’s what I think today. The depletions and this recovery time is just too hard to do while working. I’m not just tired. Everyday feels like that day just before you come down with a bad cold – including chest pressure. Nope. I don’t want to compete again this fall. Too hard on the body. Most competitors don’t have a choice, but I do. I have summers off. I haven’t lifted in over week, so I think I’ll start again tomorrow with some light upper body work.


          • Well I hope you feel better quick!
            And yay back to lifting! I’m having fun playing madcow right now 🙂 gonna beat up all the PRs.
            I don’t blame you for taking the winter off – your students need you to make them smart.


            • If I could, I’d start madcow tomorrow. Pretty sure my arms are going to rip off on the deadlift. Got to ease back. I’m going to do an upper / lower split for couple of days to test the waters. Then go back to a body part a day for a while. Then Madcow. I want 10 lbs of new muscle by spring. Does that sound like a good plan?


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