Ok, Now What?

I hate transition points in my training. This is a big one. First show done. Haven’t picked another yet. Fairly certain it won’t be until next summer when I have my teacher time off. The prep and recovery are just too hard to do while working.  Most people don’t get summer vacation, so they have to compete while working.  No reason for me to do that.  At least not yet.  I’m happy with how I did in my first show, but I wouldn’t be happy bringing this physique (too small) and my novice posing technique to a second show just yet.

So I’m wandering aimlessly right now.  But the good news is that I’m feeling like “me” again after one week.  Very pleased.  I felt so bad last week.  I just kept eating and resting.  I figured that’s what the bod needed.  Nourishment and rest.  And lots of Airborne and Vitamin C.

I did a light leg workout yesterday.  Started with squats.  Really light, but I felt it today.  I am assuming I’m weaker everywhere. Not thinking about setting any personal records this week.   Just want to get started again.

The only goal I’ve identified so far is that I want to gain 10 pounds of muscle by spring.  I’m looking forward to doing a 5 x 5, but I don’t want to start that yet.  I will start with my old “one-part-a-day” program that I used last winter.  Once I feel stronger, I’ll start the 5 x 5.  Probably going to lift two out of every three days.  That recovery day will be important.

Food will be mostly the same, but I’ll add some foods I’ve missed.  Like tomatoes.  Not sure why, but tomatoes were a major craving after the show.  Must be something in them I’m missing.  Coffee creamer is still out.  I had some this week, but I didn’t like it.  Got an idea from my friend, Sharyn.  I’m going to switch to real cream with Stevia.  I’m eating clean, so I need to add fat into the diet.  I use olive oil, flax seed, eggs, and have almonds.  The extra bit of fat from the cream shouldn’t be a problem.  Sharyn reminded me that the contest prep diet trained my body to burn fat for fuel, so I need to make sure it has some.  And whey is back in.  Yay!!!!  I missed my protein shakes.  Since I want to grow, I have to eat more.  I’m going to start with 500 calories over maintenance on days I lift.  Maintenance on rest days.   Should be OK.  I was able to grow a little muscle while cutting last spring.  I actually felt great and was lifting heavy up until two weeks before the show.


Cardio is going to be limited to 20 minutes, 3 times a week.  I’ll watch the weight and adjust as needed.  If I’m building lean mass and not gaining fat, the weight gain should be slow.

That’s all I got for now.  Don’t want to make it complicated.  Just want to lift.

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7 responses to “Ok, Now What?

  1. Sounds like a well devised plan.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Welcome back!

  2. Made a new program on the Bodybugg this morning for weight gain. It says I should only eat 100 calories above maintenance. Of course, it’s assuming it’s tracking of my burn is “accurate”, which I don’t. I’ll split the difference with it and go 200 calories over. “Eat and grow” is my favorite phase. And now that I have some confidence about what I’m doing…awesome.

  3. Have you thought about coconut cream in your coffee? I’m doing the “Whole30” program and a lot of the people who miss their creamer started adding that. It’s a healthy fat, and has over 100 calories in a quarter cup (terrifying to most people, I know). I’ve also been using it to smother frozen blueberries.. Clean, “low-carb”, tasty, deliciousness!

    And, why not try the 5×5 now? It works all your muscle groups so they can all work with eachother to get stronger.

    • Maybe I’ll try the coconut cream next. Just bought the heavy cream yesterday.

      I’ve done the 5 x 5 before, so I know how much energy it takes to do and recover. The contest depletes were really, REALLY hard on the body. I feel a lot better, but I’m not 100% at all. And I’ve been cutting hard and doing isolation exercises for the last month. I’m easing back slowly mostly to take mental inventory of what’s what and to avoid injury. All the big lifts are being done but this way, I get a full week to recover before I do them again.

      • Since that was my first show, I really don’t know what to expect. Being cautious.

      • Ah.. I guess it’s a bit different in your case, then. I would think anyone could benefit from full-body compound movements, but you’re in a different starting place than most people!
        Glad you’re feeling better and getting back into a “normal” lifestyle.. looking forward to hearing what you end up doing!

        • All my 1 rep max’s have changed, too. Lots of stuff – the depletes, I lost 25 pounds since February, I was doing cable/isolation exercises for the last month prior to the show, and I was off whey and creatine while doing the hard cut over the summer. I’m using this time to figure out where I’m at and and hoping my strength will come back in a few weeks. My deads look to be about 90 lbs down right now. Bench is 20 pounds down. I’ve been told that some people need a month or more before they are back on track. I’m hoping just a few weeks. I want to compete again in July. I’ve got time.

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