Food Prep!







Food shopping done.  I cook for the week on Sundays.  I really don’t like food prep, but I like eating.

The Breakfasts…


I have a lot of 99% lean ground turkey in the freezer.  I mixed it with egg whites, red onion, sweet bell pepper, and tex-mex diced tomatoes.  Added some spices.  Used grapeseed oil for the fat.  This will be my post-workout meal in the mornings with blueberries.

The Veggies…



For some reason, I started craving red cabbage when I was food shopping today.  Weird.  Last week, I had a craving for tomatoes.  I don’t think I’ve ever craved red cabbage in my life.  Body must need something, so I bought a head of cabbage, chopped up half and made this broccoli slaw with part of that half head.  Tossed in a few raisins and some organic dressing made with no sugar.  (Had to read a few labels to find one without sugar.)



Asparagus stir fried with mushrooms and red onions.  Added Mrs. Dash Tomato, Basil, Garlic blend.



Bok choy, kale, spinach, and red cabbage stir fry with grapeseed oil.

Didn’t take pics of the sweet pototoes and spaghetti squash I made in the two crockpots I use every weekend.

Uh huh.   I never used to like veggies, but I like my veggies now.  Lots and lots of them.  I eats my spinach!!!


The Protein…

Simpler than veggies.  Just chicken breasts and salmon.  Ran out of propane, so there was no grillin’ done today.  I fried the chicken breasts and those will go to work. The salmon fillets are in the freezer.  I’ll steam them as needed for dinners.

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6 responses to “Food Prep!

  1. Your food prep post looks a lot more delicious than mine! Isn’t it funny when you cut out crap food, your cravings go from just being crap that you feel like eating to actually being things that your body needs to eat for some reason. That’s one neat thing that struck me immediately when I started eating cleaner last year.
    Anyway, looks like you’re eating good this week. 🙂

    • I did have a cheat meal on Saturday of pizza and chocolate ice cream. Also ate toast this weekend for both breakfasts. Felt like crap this morning.

      I’m actually a little bitter that I can’t cheat anymore. I know if I kept up a steady drip of crap food, I’d develop a tolerance to it again, but now that I know what it feels like to NOT be bloated (when “bloated” was ‘normal’), have energy, and good mood, I don’t think it makes sense to acclimate myself to it. It’s not discipline anymore. It’s almost like I’m allergic now.

      • Ahh! I 100% know what you mean! I was all stoked about this carb back loading because it makes it acceptable to eat a little crappy if it’s at the right time on the right day. And although it delivers as promised physically – as in no ill physical side effects (in fact, you wake up feeling leaner and more vascular etc…) I felt like I have a damn flu! So it’s like – you have a free pass to eat like ass and not look like crap, but you’re gOnna feel like it?? Ugh! That means healthier carb sources for this girl, and extreme disappointment in the fact that I’ve poisoned myself with healthy food for so long 🙂
        Probably won’t stop me from the occasional indulgence, but I didn’t realize how crappy a “food hangover” was until the past few months!

        • I honestly did not feel the “carb load” effect they talk about until after my show. Literally. Within an hour of that first meal, my muscles- especially my abs – became uncomfortably hard. It’s really difficult to explain without making it sound like I had a “boner” everywhere. I’ve since had that same feeling a few times. I think the body fat has to be at a certain point and the metabolism at a certain point in order to feel it.

          • Yeah, I’m definitely hooked on that muscle boner feeling which is why I will probably stick with the BL. Lol. That just sounds creepy.
            Either way, I know my body fat is probably much higher than yours, but my metabolism is a lot different than yours because my hormones are still all weird.
            Sucks that yours came an hour after your show! It’s so weird how that works, though!

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