My lifting log – do you really want to see it?

I don’t mind publishing my workouts, but if no one really cares, I won’t.

Whatcha think?

If I do keep up with it,  I may make separate blog posts and just make a “Workout Log” category.  The single page format is kind of cumbersome.  Any suggestions?  Has anyone seen a blog that has a great format for a lifting log?


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5 responses to “My lifting log – do you really want to see it?

  1. Would love to see it.

    Trouble is, it’s really hard keep it up to date. I’ve found that, because what I do and how much I’m lifting, changes from week to week, my logs on my blog just got out of date really quickly.

    Or maybe I’m just bad at keeping things up to date.

    Haven’t seen a system that works well…yet. If I do, I’ll let you know!


  2. You know I want to see it. I love lifting logs – mine on WordPress was an epic fail, though. It is hard to figure out a good way to put it up.


  3. The Gym Buddy app makes it simple to log – I just send an email to myself and cut and paste it. If I don’t edit, it will be fast. I think I will make a new post for it each day, though, so I’ll be making a lot of email.


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