What the Heck is Wrong with Me??

I’m cranky.  I’m easily agitated.  I’m frustrated at work everyday.  I’m hungry.  I’m TIRED.  I feel a little better if I can sleep for a loooong time.  Weight is creeping up a little bit.

But I’m also lifting a little heavier each week.

I have a few ideas about what’s happening.  Maybe all of these things are true.  Maybe none.

  • Work IS frustrating.  (But for the last couple of years, I’ve been able to let things roll off my back.  Why not now??)
  • I did do a bodybuilding show the weekend before school started, so there really wasn’t any sort of down time to recover from the depletes.  The job is physically draining and I started it this year literally drained.  (TOTALLY worth it, by the way.)
  • Perhaps I’ve been exposed to toxic levels of gamma rays?
  • Let’s revisit this…I am lifting heavier, I’m eating a couple hundred calories over my burn (still around 220-250 g  protein each day), and I need more sleep…maybe I’m growing?  That would be cool.
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8 responses to “What the Heck is Wrong with Me??

  1. Building is *tough*. It’s tough mentally, emotionally and physically.

    Maybe you’re just tired, and actually need to take a few days to recharge. Is there any way you can go stay at a beachside place somewhere for a week away and just relax and unwind, and let your body heal?

    Maybe you need it.

    • I’ve already taken a week off from the gym and that part of my day is the best part – going very well. I just need more sleep each day. And you’d have no way to know this, but I live in the desert. A week like that would cost a ton. However, I can take a sick day here and there if I need to. It’s just a lot of stress to do that – sub plans and all.

    • Forgot to agree with you – yes i need it. But not away from gym. Away from work. Just can’t manage that until there is a school holiday.

  2. One Fit Mama

    I know you take supplements. (obviously). Try taking heavy doses of omega 3, and or try st. John wort. Sounds like you ha this huge build up and now that it’s over you’re mood has tanked. Big hugs! Hope you feel better soon

    • You are so right. I’m already all over the omega 3’s. I take a lot of that already. Can you imagine how crabby I’d be without it? I forgot about the post-contest depression issue.

  3. Ugh work, stress, and feeling yuck in general.
    Let’s pray these are growing pains!

    • I’m going with the “I’m growing” explanation. Weights are bumping up. I’m not too far off last winter’s lifting stats. But I haven’t been doing deads. That’s on my schedule for tomorrow.

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